First and foremost, ozone kills pathogens, supporting a safe and healthy lifestyle. Ozone is also the most natural way to purify water with no residues. Acting as a powerful sanitizer, disinfectant, and cleaner, it has multiple uses from clening hands to different surfaces. It can be used anywhere from homes to the horti- and agriculture industry.
Ozone can successfully replace chlorine, pesticides, fertilisers and other chemical compounds being used to tackle our everyday issues. As ozone can be produced on-site and on-demand, there is no fear of overproduction and the environmental footprint is reduced.
Ozone does not create any pollutants or residues – the only ‘breakdown’ product is oxygen.

TesHub products consume little energy and use just tap water to generate powerful sanitizing, disinfecting, and cleansing solution. It is chemical-free and replaces many other harmful products. It has multi-purpose and multi-use functionality. Last but not least, TesHub products are made from recycled plastics and are reusable.