Keep your food fresh and healthy!

If there is anything you want to be clean and safe, it is surely your food. Did you know that most stomach issues are caused by poorly washed fruit and vegetables, or cross-contamination caused by poorly handling meats or eggs?

Use ozonated water to kill harmful microbes on your food to ensure your food is healthy!

  • Spray your fruits and vegetables or dump them into ozonated water for a few seconds to get rid of any contaminants on the surface. Ozonated water has the power to remove even pesticides.
  • Wash fish and meats with ozonated water to get rid of any parasites and bacteria while also increasing the shelf life of the product.
  • Spray or wash the shells of eggs with ozonated water to help lower the risk for salmonellosis, as most of the bacteria can be found on the surface of the shell of the egg.

Make your houseplants, flowers, and mini gardens happier!

Did you know that microbes that develop in the vase or grow in the soil of your beloved houseplants are making your flowers wither faster, cause them to grow slower and lose their appearance?

Use ozonated water to make your flowers bloom longer, and plants grow better.

  • Swap regular water to ozonated water in the vase of cut flowers. Change daily for best results.
  • Use ozonated water instead of regular water to water your houseplants and mini gardens. Use as often as you would use regular water.
  • Spray your plants – it helps clean the plants as well the air in the room.

Replace your chemical cleaning agents with ozonated water!

Did you know that besides having unbeatable disinfecting power, ozone also removes odors? This makes ozonated water a wonderful way to clean your home.

Use ozonated water to sanitize, disinfect and clean surfaces and items around your home, fight airborne contaminants that make your home smell bad, fight molds, and make your laundry smell fresh!

  • Sanitize countertops, furniture, floors, and bathrooms.
  • Sanitize kitchen tools and cutting boards.
  • Sanitize any items around your home, such as remote controls, toothbrushes, door handles, and home appliances.
  • Spray ozonated water in the air to remove odors in the bathroom or other places. Ozonated water even gets rid of tobacco smell!
  • Use it to freshen your laundry to make sure it is odorless and pristine. Ozonated water reduces the need for detergent and eliminates the need for bleach!

Make your daily sanitizing routine safe and easy!

The pandemic has taught us all to carefully wash and disinfect our hands but now is the time to expand our horizons and think about how many germs nest on the everyday objects around us.

The steering wheel of your car, your phone, mouse and keyboard are just a few examples of items that can cultivate numerous microbes.

Ozonated water is a safe and easy way to expand your daily sanitizing routine from hands to healthier environment that is basis of healthier life!

  • Sanitize your hands several times a day
  • Sanitize car’s steering wheel or the bicycle’s handlebar before you go on ride.
  • Use a cloth dampened with ozonated water to clean your electrical gadgets, like your phone and headphones.
  • Sanitize the handbar of the shopping cart before you grab it and use ozonated water while travelling with public transport.

Make exercising and quality time in Spas safe!

A damp and warm environment is a dream for different kinds of bacteria, fungi and molds. This is why fitness facilities and spas require additional attention when it comes to sanitizing.

Ozonated water offers a natural and safer alternative to traditional cleaning agents, whilst being just as effective.

  • Use ozonated water as part of your daily cleaning routine.
  • Use ozonated water instead of bleach for towels and robes.
  • Spray directly on treadmill handles or sanitize fitness gear before and after sessions.

Provide Five-Star hospitality!

Whether you have a small Airbnb or a large hotel, your guests expect uncompromised cleanliness.

As a responsible accommodation provider, you surely value environmentally friendly and safe solutions. This is where ozonated water may help you improve your green policies even further!

  • Use ozonated water in your kitchen to sanitize food and help it stay fresh for longer.
  • Clean and sanitize everything – ozonated water can be used everywhere from check-in to room service.

Make nurseries and schools a safe place!

The health and safety of our little ones is a priority we all invest in. What better way to do that than to ensure the number of germs surrounding them is kept to a minimum by using a sanitizer without any nasties?

Ozonated water is a perfectly natural and safe choice for disinfecting anything these little hands may touch on playgrounds or in the classroom.

  • Sanitize surfaces, playgrounds and toys that children touch.
  • Guide children to use ozonated water to clean their hands after being outdoors or before mealtime.
  • Use ozonated water to clean any fruit or vegetables you give to children.

Provide some extra care to your furry friends!

Ok, let’s be honest – pets are truly cute and cuddly, but unfortunately may spread microbes and parasites or leave behind a nasty smell.

Ozone is exactly what gives air the fresh smell after a storm and hence ozonated water can be used for deodorizing purposes, not to mention its wonderful sanitizing powers. You can trust us – ozonated water is absolutely safe to use with your beloved pets!

  • Clean, sanitize and deodorize items your pet often uses such as their bed, crate, bowls, leash, toys etc.
  • Spray ozonated water in a room or a car to get rid of funky smells.
  • Use ozonated water to freshen the coat of your pet and make it smell nice.

Make your restaurant or a bar sparkling clean!

Cleaning the kitchen or a bar can be a daunting and time-consuming task. You do want everything spotless because there is nothing worse than giving a customer some nasty belly bug or food poisoning.

Ozonated water kills 99.999% of bacteria, viruses, fungi and other microbes within just seconds and is so safe that it can be used to clean food products.

  • Instruct your employees to use ozonated water regularly to disinfect their hands.
  • Make using ozonated water a part of your daily cleaning routine.
  • Use ozonated water to disinfect surfaces and tools that could be a source of cross-contamination.
  • Clean the foods that can cause contamination such as fruit, vegetables, meat and eggs with ozonated water.

Keep your vegetable gardens green and healthy!

Be ready to be blown away! Here is a fun fact of the day: ozonated water can help gardeners achieve better results in terms of volume, weight, size, nutritious value, and taste of the product and can therefore replace all kinds of chemicals used in the agricultural sector.

Ozonated water has strong oxidation capabilities and thus destroys organic waste. Using ozonated water for irrigation ensures more vigorous growth and better overall health of the plants as they are less likely to catch any contagious diseases. And if that wasn’t enough to convince you: produce irrigated with ozonated water conserves its characteristics for significantly longer and gives it longer shelf life!

  • Use ozonated water to water the plants.
  • Spray ozonated water on the plants to kill parasites. You can safely spray the edible parts.

Meat and fish products that you can be sure of!

Fish and meat products can carry dangerous bacteria and parasites. It is therefore particularly important to ensure maximum purity and health safety of production lines and raw products.

Ozonated water can be used in fish and meat processing to clean, sanitize and disinfect the production lines, tools, and even raw produce for better preservation. As ozonated water does not leave any residue, it can be safely used with food.

  • Sanitize everything from produce to hands.
  • Spray the fish or meat with ozonated water to ensure its better preservation since ozone kills the microbes found on the surface.
  • Use ozonated water to clean the workwear.
  • Spray ozonated water in the workspaces to remove unpleasant odors.

Keep food in fridge healthy and extend the shelf-life of your veggies!

Even if you are very diligent and clean your refrigerator regularly, you probably are familiar with the unpleasant smell that sometimes occurs when you open the door. Or you will be surprised to discover that the vegetables you bought just yesterday already losing their appetitive appearance and are moving to the trash instead of your dinner table. Due to the goods stored there, even the seemingly clean refrigerator or pantry hides a large number of different microorganisms, which cause food spoilage and unpleasant odours, thus shorten their shelf life.

Ozone helps to prevent these problems effectively and chemical-free at a time you are busy with other tasks.

  • Prolong the shelf life of food for additional 7 days and reduce food waste
  • Sanitize the refrigerator to ensure food safety
  • Remove pesticide residues from the surface of your food
  • Eliminate unpleasant smells in your refrigerator

Take the cleanliness of your bathroom to new level!

Just because you don’t see them doesn’t mean they don’t exist and even seemingly clean surfaces unwanted life could flourish. Various bacteria, viruses, moulds and other microorganisms like to nest in warm and humid rooms such as the bathroom. These microorganisms are the root cause of bad smells and could pose a serious health risk. Ozone effectively eliminates both health hazards and unpleasant odours without effort.

  • Keep your bathroom or toilet clean by destroying microorganisms living in the air, on the toothbrush, on the soap tray and the surfaces
  • Remove the unpleasant odors by tackling the root cause
  • Eliminate possible health hazards that can nest in the warm and moist spaces

Eliminate germs that cause unpleasant smells!

There is probably no shoe cabinet, storage room that is free of unpleasant odors. Getting rid of a bad smell can be very difficult and masking it with fragrances is only a temporary solution that may end up making the space smell even worse. Not to mention that the moulds, bacteria and yeast behind the smell can be a hidden health hazard.

Ozone helps you naturally remove the unpleasant odors completely and prevent them from happening again by killing the microbes causing the smell. Ozonated air can reach all corners that by other means are difficult to reach.

  • Eliminate microbes in the air or nesting on the surfaces of your wardrobe or hallway
  • Remove the unpleasant odors in your home or car caused by cooking, pets or smoking
  • Use the ozonated air to sterilize car interior from smoke or pet smells
  • Sanitize and remove odors from your shoe cabinet or wardrobe
  • Use ozone instead of an air freshener in your toilet to permanently remove the odour instead of masking it