EORG Medi is our medium-capacity water ozonation device in the industrial range that is well suited for home as well as small businesses. EORG Medi can be used to enrich bigger quantities of water with ozone and oxygen radicals to further purify the water.

Key features

Purifies 5L of water in 1 minute

Turns 5L water into powerful sanitizer in 5 minutes

Sanitizes in just 5 seconds’ contact

Easy to use – just plug it in

Wide range of applications

Chemical-free and multi-use alternative

Residue free and safe for environment

Uses EORG technology

Ozone water benefits

Ozone water is natural, safe, and sustainable, easy replacement to herbicides and fertilizers thanks to its purification and oxidizing qualities after the water has been enriched with ozone and oxygen radicals.

Make your houseplants, flowers, and mini gardens happier!

Did you know that microbes that develop in the vase or grow in the soil of your beloved houseplants are making your flowers wither faster, cause them to grow slower and lose their appearance?

Use ozonated water to make your flowers bloom longer, and plants grow better.

  • Swap regular water to ozonated water in the vase of cut flowers. Change daily for best results.
  • Use ozonated water instead of regular water to water your houseplants and mini gardens. Use as often as you would use regular water.
  • Spray your plants – it helps clean the plants as well the air in the room.

Meat and fish products that you can be sure of!

Fish and meat products can carry dangerous bacteria and parasites. It is therefore particularly important to ensure maximum purity and health safety of production lines and raw products.

Ozonated water can be used in fish and meat processing to cleans, sanitize and disinfect the production lines, tools, and even raw produce itself for better preservation. As ozonated water does not leave any residue, it can be safely used with food.

  • Sanitize everything from produce to hands.
  • Spray the fish or meat with ozonated water to ensure its better preservation since ozone kills the microbes found on the surface.
  • Use ozonated water to clean the workwear.
  • Spray ozonated water in the workspaces to remove unpleasant odors.

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