Mini Air Purifier

Mini Air Purifier is small portable ozonation device that effectively removes odours and harmful microorganisms from various small rooms such as bathroom, kitchen or wardrobe. Just plug-in, choose a function best suited for the dimensions of the room and let ozonator do its magic while you attend to other tasks.

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Key features

For spaces up to 50m³

Easy to use – just plug it in

3 working modes to cover different room volumes

Timer function for safety and energy control

24 months lifespan

Eliminates microbes at 99.9% efficiency

Chemical-free alternative

Residue-free and safe for the environment

Ozonated air benefits

Ozone in air helps you achieve cleaner, healthier, and more pleasant living or working conditions. Ozone purifies air with no filters by naturally destroying viruses, bacteria, yeast, and molds and removing any unpleasant odors. Ozonated air can reach all corners that by other means are difficult to reach.

Take the cleanliness of your bathroom to new level!

Just because you don’t see them doesn’t mean they don’t exist and even seemingly clean surfaces unwanted life could flourish. Various bacteria, viruses, moulds and other microorganisms like to nest in warm and humid rooms such as the bathroom. These microorganisms are the root cause of bad smells and could pose a serious health risk. Ozone effectively eliminates both health hazards and unpleasant odours without effort.

  • Keep your bathroom or toilet clean by destroying microorganisms living in the air, on the toothbrush, on the soap tray and the surfaces
  • Remove the unpleasant odors by tackling the root cause
  • Eliminate possible health hazards that can nest in the warm and moist spaces

Eliminate germs that cause unpleasant smells!

There is probably no shoe cabinet, storage room that is free of unpleasant odors. Getting rid of a bad smell can be very difficult and masking it with fragrances is only a temporary solution that may end up making the space smell even worse. Not to mention that the moulds, bacteria and yeast behind the smell can be a hidden health hazard.

Ozone helps you naturally remove the unpleasant odors completely and prevent them from happening again by killing the microbes causing the smell. Ozonated air can reach all corners that by other means are difficult to reach.

  • Eliminate microbes in the air or nesting on the surfaces of your wardrobe or hallway
  • Remove the unpleasant odors in your home or car caused by cooking, pets or smoking
  • Use the ozonated air to sterilize car interior from smoke or pet smells
  • Sanitize and remove odors from your shoe cabinet or wardrobe
  • Use ozone instead of an air freshener in your toilet to permanently remove the odour instead of masking it

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