OGRE 50 is our smallest portable water ozonation device. You can use it to sanitize, disinfect and cleanse anything, anywhere without harsh chemicals. With OGRE you can make the most powerful sanitizer out of regular tap water. And by powerful we mean stronger than your regular sanitizers such as bleach or hydrogen peroxide.

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Key features

Turns regular water into sanitizer in 1 minute

Easy to use – just push the button, USB chargeable

Small bottle – air travel compatible (50ml)

Sanitizes in just 5 seconds’ contact

Gentle to your skin and safe for your veggies

Chemical-free and multi-use alternative

Residue free and safe for environment

Uses EORG technology

Ozone water benefits

Ozone water can be used to cleanse hands, surfaces, gadgets, and even food. It is totally safe if it gets to your skin, mouth, or eyes.

Make your daily sanitizing routine safe and easy!

The pandemic has taught us all to wash and disinfect our hands carefully but now is the time to expand our horizons and think about how many germs nest on everyday objects around us.

The steering wheel of your car, your phone, mouse and keyboard are just a few examples of items that can cultivate numerous microbes.
Ozonated water can be used to develop your daily sanitizing routine for a healthier life!

  • Sanitize your hands several times a day
  • Sanitize the steering wheel of your car or handle of the bicycle before you go on ride.
  • Use a cloth dampened with ozonated water to clean your electrical gadgets, like your phone and headphones.
  • Sanitize the handle of the shopping cart before you grab it and use ozonated water while traveling with public transport.

Keep your food fresh and healthy!

If there is anything you want to be clean and safe, it is surely your food. Did you know that most stomach issues are caused by poorly washed fruit and vegetables or cross-contamination caused by poorly handling meats or eggs?

Use ozonated water to kill harmful microbes on your food to ensure your food is healthy!

  • Spray your fruits and vegetables or dump them into ozonated water for a few seconds to get rid of any contaminants on the surface. Ozonated water has the power to remove even pesticides.
  • Wash fish and meats with ozonated water to get rid of any parasites and bacteria while also increasing the shelf life of the product.
  • Spray or wash the shells of eggs with ozonated water to help lower the risk for salmonellosis, as most of the bacteria can be found on the surface of the shell of the egg.

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